Here is a sampling of what some active buyers are looking for…

Buyer # 0687 seeks casual/family restaurant with property and liquor license. Requires 3500 - 5500 sq ft in Bergen, Passaic, Westchester, Rockland or Orange Counties

Buyer # 1222 seeks catering hall or restaurant with catering component. Requires property and liquor license in Northern NJ to Central NJ.

Buyer # 1508 seeks catering venue or small restaurant with banquet room(s) in Bergen County or the lower Hudson Valley. Requires 250 seats and liquor license. Prefers to purchase, but will consider leasing for the right location. 

Buyer # 0975 ’s ideal location is Paramus, NJ (Bergen County). Will purchase or lease, with or without liquor. Minimum 150 seats.

Buyer # 1414 is looking for small pub with property and liquor license in Bergen or Essex Counties. Downtown location preferred.

Buyer # 0325 is looking for a 100+ seat restaurant with liquor and property in Bergen or Essex Counties.

Buyer # 2336 seeks banquet hall, 15K+ square feet with property and liquor license in Central NJ

If you are considering selling, and you feel your restaurant would meet the needs of one of these featured buyers, please call us at (201)845-3700 and reference the buyer number above.